Enjoy the fall.

October 05th, 2011, 8:50pm

My favorite time to kayak is here.  No more traffic in the water.  No more humidity.  Best of all, no more bugs!    A paddler's paradise.  But what to do when things get too quiet and tranquil?  Aside from the obvious, "sit and relax" response, I advise something more untraditional to the approach...


Do something rare.  Make it a get away.

  • Take folding chair, table and make some tea and relax.
  • Bring your painting set and paint something you normally couldn't walk to.
  • Bring a musical instrument and play on the water.
  • read a book...or a Kindle... or a Nook.
  • Do some fishing with a BBQ on deck for an instant meal on shore
  • Practice your paddling skills (no one to be in the way...but bring a friend or two for safety)


Enjoy the fall.


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