Exciting new life!

August 22nd, 2008, 11:35am

The existence of this Blog has been established due to an awakening in my life that I must share.  Aside from my biggest achievement, fatherhood, I have just found the most breathtaking addition to my lifestyle.  It is Kayaking and I am hooked the moment I took my first stroke into the flat water.  Obviously, many will find kayaking sporty and fun but I instantly found it to be "Home".

I wanted so badly to get to the water for years.  After all, I was born and raised on Long Island.  I am surrounded by water! A boat is just too expensive this early in life so I repressed this yearning for quite some time.  It wasn't until last month when I decided to get a raft. "Yeah! That's affordable!", I said to myself.  And so I purchased a raft.  It took 10 to 15 minutes to pump the air into this raft let alone any other preparations.  The moment I sat in the raft, I was completely disappointed.  This is not what I imagined at all.  As I paddled, a gentleman passed by me with his, what appeared to be, a blue plastic kayak cutting through the water like a knife cutting through smoke.  So quiet and so effortless compared to my raft, I was in awe.  He glided by and waived hello.  He saw my intent and said "What ever it takes to get out in the water, right?" I nodded and agreed but I knew I will not be trying this raft ever again.  Five minutes in the water and I was right back out.  The gears began to turn in my head.  "What other options are there?", I thought to myself.  Then I was reminded of a vessel that is not only affordable, but reliable, mesmerizing, and a way of life.  My ex-wife's two cousins had informed me of their recent purchase of a kayak.  "Of course", I said to myself.  That is it! I must get a Kayak.  Heck, this guy passing by me was a sign! For that very day, I began to research kayaks.  After a few weeks of research, I settled for something affordable, practical, and safe for a beginner.  It is a Wilderness Tarpon 100.  A 10FT SOT (Sit-On-Top) kayak.  Perfect for a beginner and perfect for a person who plans to do some fishing on it alone.

I purchased my kayak at The Dinghy Shop in Amityville, NY and started kayaking that same Saturday morning, August 16th along the Nissequogue River and continued it the very next day at the mouth of the Nissequogue at "The Bluffs".

Last Wednesday, August 20th, around 6:00pm, I took to the bay and joined a team of paddlers for a Twilight tour out from Amityville, NY through the Great South Bay.  We paddled through to a small island and watched the sun settle for the evening as it painted the horizon into the most warmest spectacular colors.  As the newbie in the group, I was speechless.  The group either understood what I was feeling, or thought to themselves, "What a cold person! He doesn't talk much".  I am confident they understood what was going on.  This was my third trip on a kayak but the first time in salty ocean water.  I now want a second kayak for Touring in the ocean!

This is definitely a lifestyle change.  As corny as it may sound, I feel as though I have awakened into my destiny.

I leave you with a quote I brewed myself as I tried to determine a crafty subheading of my blog space...

"Water is to arms like earth is to legs" - Frank Durante


Exciting new life!


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