Gangnam Style Kayaking Against The Wind From Broadside

November 24th, 2012, 11:45pm

It's no secret...Those South Koreans sure know how to party.  However, did they know their dance is not only addictive, but useful for kayakers?  Yes, it is!

As many of you have already experienced, kayaking with a wind, coming to you broadside, is a bit challenging when trying to stay on course.  You know the routine...Drop the skeg and adjust from weathercocking or drop your rudder and add an offset to your tracking.  However, what to do if your skeg or rudder fails or you simply don't have one?  Paddle like you are dancing to Gangnam style!  You know the video (NO?  see here at approximately 1 minute and 10 seconds into the video).  Look at their feet when they are stomping at this addictive tune.  This simple technique of  "left", "right", "right", "left" with your paddle strokes will help you stay on course.  Simply paddle using a double stroke on the opposite side of which the wind is blowing from.  Applying less or extra strength in the stroke as needed to compensate.

But don't stop there.  Improve your strokes to compensate the strength and balance your strokes as much as possible.  Sometimes, you can consider mixing more technical with a stroke such as "left", "right", "right", "left","right","left","right" (and repeat).  OR..."left", "right","right","left", "right", "right" (and so on repeating) for a more aggressive wind.  Reverse the sides depending on where the wind is coming from.

Next time the wind blows against your path, sing out the song aloud and paddle like you are PSY.  Don't take life so serious and let your inhibitions go.  If you are about to watch the video with a predisposition against rap music, sit back and give this one a try.  The video is hilarious and the artist has quite a sense of humor.  Enjoy!


Gangnam Style Kayaking Against The Wind From Broadside


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