Prepare for the worst and plan for a backup.

October 02nd, 2012, 7:30pm

Safety first and always bring backup equiptment.  Something I solidly exercise on every trip.  However, I seemed to neglect the idea of backing up at home!  As you can see, this blog has changed a bit.  This is due to the fact that my web server hard drive died.  Normally I have all data backed up but my last residential move left me vunerable as I failed to reinstate a backup system.  As a result, the websites all running on the hard drive, that recently died, is all gone forever.  Luckily, the blog data itself was safe in another location.  As a result, I had to program a new version of the website from scratch.  So here it is...Version 3.0.  hehehe.

As for bringing backups for my kayaking trips, here is a small list of backups I bring on kayak:

  • Extra Paddle
  • Extra water
  • Extra Batteries
  • Extra food
  • Extra shirt and pants

This is not to be confused with my emergency kit I also tag along.  Stuff like: First Aid, Flash Lights, Stern Lights, VHF radio, etc...

I am super precautious on the water.  Now I am super precautios at home as I have recently upgraded the website to a raid system and remote backup for extra piece of mind from data loss.


Prepare for the worst and plan for a backup.


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