So much paddling going on

October 07th, 2009, 10:52pm

Hello all.

I started this blog with full force and then dropped down to barely using it since May! No, I haven't stopped paddling. On the contrary, I am paddling every chance I get. Every time I am on my PC, I am typically surfing the net for my kayaking gear and forget to visit my own blog for a new entry.

Well here's to catching up. Many trips to note but I will focus on the special trips.

First on the list was my trip to the Thimble Islands in Connecticut and the Connecticut River with the Long Island Paddlers (LIP). Both just serene. It was my first real trip on my new Tempest. With landscape like no other, I was impressed by the immensity of the homes built on these islands. The local town seems to prosper from food service as good food was not hard to come by. Unfortunately, the weather was overcast but the paddle was quite enjoyable and worth a revisit in the future.

The next one that comes immediate to mind is the Port Jefferson kayak/camping trip with the LIP. This is one of my favorite trips. We paddled and paddled and paddled. Then we camped beach side on the dunes where I and the rest of the LIP members enjoyed each other's company with plenty of laughs. The sites were amazing. Walking on a large (multi story tall) mound of sand overlooking Pirate's Cove was most memorable as the cove was nicely nestled with boats resting in the sheltered cove.

The Following trip is something nearly unexplainable as words can not express the true experience of the trip. I speak of my trip to Maine with my two cousin-in-laws and friends. A long drive to paradise as we camped and kayaked in the most prestine and serene place I have ever been to. Aziscohos Lake. Where there were too many stars in the sky that constellations were nearly impossible to discover except for two. Enough food for an army...Seriously! And drinks. Excellent company, excellent food, and perfect weather. Match that with no cell coverage and you have my version of paradise. One evening we decided to kayak around midnight. The clouds decide to cover the sky and blanket the land with the deepest tone of black I have ever witnessed in my life. You barely saw your hand held out in front of you. Seriously! It took nearly a half hour for our night vision to work its way in so we can see our hands. The earth stood still at this time. The water was frozen as stagnant debris floated in a suspension of animation in the water. The water is smooth as glass. Not a sign of wind. The Loons even took a break of silence! You literally heard nothing but the flow of blood running in your eardrum. We felt as if we were floating in space as the kayaks stool perfectly still. We sat there in the middle of the lake with our boat lights out enjoying what I can only describe as time frozen still. An amazing weekend. Only two nights but two of the best nights of relaxation I have had in a long time!

Aside from these trips, I have ventured to numerous locations throughout Long Island.

More trips to follow. Of course!


So much paddling going on


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