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I Joined the Long Island Paddlers

September 19th, 2008 @ 10:29am

Thursday was a juggling act. Two events took place, overlapping each other. One was the monthly meeting of the Long Island Paddlers (LIP) and the other, more importantly, my first parent/teachers meeting. I had been emailing Steve B., President of LIP, a couple of times and had been looking forward to the Sept. meeting as my introduction to the group. Little did I know my daughter's school meeting was scheduled the same day. With a little luck, the school meeting ended at 8:25pm so I set off to meet up with the LIP member to see what LIP has to offer. More intriguing was the fact that the meeting of the month was focused about Kayak Fishing. I arrived as the meeting had just ended and the large group mingled away as members slowly left. Although I missed it all, I got to meet some friendly members, including Steve B. Without any convincing necessary, I joined the group right then and there. Within just a couple of hours, I received my first email personally welcoming me to the group. This was not an automated email. It was hand typed personally to me at the later part of the evening. Obviously,... Read More


Search of the right equiptment.

September 19th, 2008 @ 9:09am

The Fall season is setting in and I am getting very worried. With the spirit of the great outdoors and my need to enjoy the kayak as much as possible, I realize I need to get some clothing to prepare for the colder months. For this reason, I am beginning to investigate my options for the proper clothing. Any comments is much appreciated. I imagine that I will be shopping for clothes before I shop for a touring kayak. Otherwise, what good is a new touring kayak in the middle of the Fall/Winter season if you can't keep warm in it?!


First Full Moon tour.

September 15th, 2008 @ 10:22pm

This past Saturday was my first Full Moon Tour with the gang at the Dinghy Shop. It was not the best trip but it was worth it. Unfortunately, the cloudy skies concealed the beauties behind it. The Sun set privately to the horizon without a single ray to burst through the clouds. Although the full moon did get to rise without notice, we did get a quick peak for a moment of time. Just enough to see it was a full moon but not nearly enough for any details. The bugs were out on full petrol on that evening as I was bitten from head (literally) to ankles. I was given some "Natural" bug repellant spray a few weeks back and it seems to have worked but, this time around, the real bugs were out and I needed REAL bug repellent. Next time I will just use the stuff with DEET included. I'm all for natural and all but it has got to work. Its either that or a possibility of West Nile Virus. What would you pick? Above all the evening was pleasant. I continued to paddle and keep up with the group. Typically I need to paddle about... Read More


Long Island Sound and Nissequogue

September 11th, 2008 @ 12:17am

It's Wednesday and I did not attend the regular Twilight tour at Amityville this time because I plan to join the Moonlight tour this coming Saturday evening instead.  Although this entry is a few days later, I must write about this past Sunday outing.  My Ex-wife's cousin (my cousin-inlaw?) Juliano joined me for a morning outing around the Nissequogue entrance and Long Island Sound.  We paddled at a rather moderate pace as we enjoyed the view.  It was the day after a serious thunderstorm and there was no trace of it.  Fairly the opposite story was told the day after the storm as we set out to a clear, sunny day.  The wind blew just right and the low tide was not noticeable by any scent.  In fact, the tide was lower than I have ever seen here! For this reason, we were able to explore for some jewels hidden at the bottom of the nissequogue.  Our exploration came to an abrupt shock when we found ourselves at an island built up by nothing but millions of oysters.  (see photo below).  Sure there were clams, muscles, and stackers around but only a few here and there.  This place was bedded... Read More


Hurricane season adds a little spice to the trip.

September 3rd, 2008 @ 11:16pm

It's Wednesday evening and I have returned from my regular Wednesday evening twilight tour from the Dinghy Shop in Amityville. Another breathtaking sunset. I MUST BUY A WATERPROOF CAMERA! The sun was large and golden with a touch of redish warm tones as it was only a few minute left over the horizon. A simple thin wide cloud hovers well away and above the sun as it has the underlying glow reflecting the warn tones of the sun. To compliment this effect, the sun stretched its reflection in a linear glow across the darkening bay water. I lined up my kayak to match the angle of the glow to sync to the sun. PERFECT. You can literally feel yourself relax and recharge. As a result of the hurricane season, Gustaf, Hanna, and Ike are on their way up and you can already feel their wrath. The beaches are breaking 6ft to 8ft waves at the shores. The Great South Bay was very choppy at the midpoint. The swells were about 1ft to 1.5ft high and rough making my trip a very wet one in my SOT kayak. But the water was very warm and inviting so it just added fun... Read More


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