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Prepare for the worst and plan for a backup.

October 2nd, 2012 @ 7:30pm

Safety first and always bring backup equiptment.  Something I solidly exercise on every trip.  However, I seemed to neglect the idea of backing up at home!  As you can see, this blog has changed a bit.  This is due to the fact that my web server hard drive died.  Normally I have all data backed up but my last residential move left me vunerable as I failed to reinstate a backup system.  As a result, the websites all running on the hard drive, that recently died, is all gone forever.  Luckily, the blog data itself was safe in another location.  As a result, I had to program a new version of the website from scratch.  So here it is...Version 3.0.  hehehe. As for bringing backups for my kayaking trips, here is a small list of backups I bring on kayak: Extra Paddle Extra water Extra Batteries Extra food Extra shirt and pants This is not to be confused with my emergency kit I also tag along.  Stuff like: First Aid, Flash Lights, Stern Lights, VHF radio, etc... I am super precautious on the water.  Now I am super precautios at home as I have recently upgraded the website to a... Read More


The Long Island Paddlers Gets Another Facelift!

June 6th, 2012 @ 8:43pm

In April of 2009, I launched an all new website for the Long Island Paddlers (  It was a 5 month process (part time) and was a complete success.  However, as with all technology, the website began to depreciate from newer standards.  With that, I started a new project back in January.  A new website for the Long Island Paddlers, built from scratch (again) but with all of the new advancements in mind.  Driven with Web 2.0 in mind, the layout and operation of the website is now easier than ever to use and faster!  Launched about 2 months ago, the new website appears to be doing quite well.


Product Review: Marmot Earlylight 2P

May 13th, 2012 @ 12:52pm

Upgrading is the norm when it comes to outdoor activities and refining your abilities and needs.  Recently, my tent needed an upgrade.  Tired of long setups, wet mornings, and confined space, I researched for a new replacement.  As always, I searched for the perfect backpacker's choice as kayakers and backpackers share the same goals... Go small, go light, and go quality.  A tent with plenty of room for a 1 to 2 person excursion yet light weight, compact ( in terms of pack size), and easy on my wallet.  The result?  The Marmot Earlylight 2P (2P stands for: 2 person tent). A perfect tent for the intermittent camper that doesn't want to compromise quality and features yet not spend the money as a dedicated camper. With two vestibules and doors, easy access and storage for two sleepers.  Furthermore, the space inside is legit!  It truly is for two sleepers of the average size.  Each sleeper can enter/exit the tent through their own vestibule/door and not disturb the other sleeper. Plenty of ventilation netting to avoid condensation over those morning of waking up like a "wet knight". It fits easily in my oblong stern hatch along one snug side of the... Read More


Always check your safety equiptment

October 6th, 2011 @ 12:40pm

You've heard this all too often by experienced paddlers and instructors..."Always check your saftey equiptment".  Something I try to do nearly everytime I go out. Check your PFD for tears, broken straps, and inferior retaining clips.  Check your kayak(s) for cracks, holes, leaks, etc... Check your dry bag for expired first-aid, batteries, matches, energy bars etc... etc... etc... With this, something unexpected happened.  My portable strobe light failed when I needed it!  At first I thought it was a dead battery so I replaced it with a fresh one (found in my drybag).  Nothing.  I did feel a rattle when I shook it around.  "Well..This isn't good!".  The need for the strobe was to warn other boaters that we were in proximity as we headed back to our put-in a little after sunset (an unexpected return). As soon as I returned home, I took my strobe apart to determine the problem.  It was a large capacitor that snapped offer its soldered pinhole pads. I noticed that it was positioned in a way that would cause this to happen if I resoldered the capacitor in the same way it was initially soldered.  There was a design flaw.  The capacitor, as large... Read More


Enjoy the fall.

October 5th, 2011 @ 8:50pm

My favorite time to kayak is here.  No more traffic in the water.  No more humidity.  Best of all, no more bugs!    A paddler's paradise.  But what to do when things get too quiet and tranquil?  Aside from the obvious, "sit and relax" response, I advise something more untraditional to the approach...   Do something rare.  Make it a get away. Take folding chair, table and make some tea and relax. Bring your painting set and paint something you normally couldn't walk to. Bring a musical instrument and play on the water. read a book...or a Kindle... or a Nook. Do some fishing with a BBQ on deck for an instant meal on shore Practice your paddling skills (no one to be in the way...but bring a friend or two for safety)


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