Product Reviews

The UCO Original Candle Lantern

October 17th, 2012 @ 11:30pm

I love camping.  Particularly when traveling by kayak (backpacking is a close second).  However, I particularly love to do it when the weather is still cool.  Mid to late Fall or Early Spring.  Why?  For one, no ticks in the sandy islands I pitch a tent in... Also, no mosquitos to suck me dry... And don't forget there is little to no boat traffic at this time!  There is one trade off and that's those cold nights.  Temps dropping near freezing can keep you awake by just the breathing in of cold air.  I do keep my body warm with my properly rated pad and sleeping bag, however, the cold air just can't be stopped from keeping me awake.  Well I have found a fix for that!  The UCO Original Candle Lantern.  A compact candle powered lantern that is a great multitasker.  Providing excellent light in my tent and enough heat to reduce the stress of breathing cold air during a sleep in the wild.  I've read how these candles are recommended to help heat up a tent but I was weary of such a claim.  Shockingly, there is some truth to the statement.  With a proper size tent, small... Read More


Marmot Earlylight 2P

May 13th, 2012 @ 12:52pm

Upgrading is the norm when it comes to outdoor activities and refining your abilities and needs.  Recently, my tent needed an upgrade.  Tired of long setups, wet mornings, and confined space, I researched for a new replacement.  As always, I searched for the perfect backpacker's choice as kayakers and backpackers share the same goals... Go small, go light, and go quality.  A tent with plenty of room for a 1 to 2 person excursion yet light weight, compact ( in terms of pack size), and easy on my wallet.  The result?  The Marmot Earlylight 2P (2P stands for: 2 person tent). A perfect tent for the intermittent camper that doesn't want to compromise quality and features yet not spend the money as a dedicated camper. With two vestibules and doors, easy access and storage for two sleepers.  Furthermore, the space inside is legit!  It truly is for two sleepers of the average size.  Each sleeper can enter/exit the tent through their own vestibule/door and not disturb the other sleeper. Plenty of ventilation netting to avoid condensation over those morning of waking up like a "wet knight". It fits easily in my oblong stern hatch along one snug side of the... Read More


MSR Pocket Rocket. A Backpacker's delight, a kayaker's dream come true.

September 12th, 2011 @ 9:01pm

So far I have been paddling every chance I get. Post information about my experience when possible. However, I have not once reviewed any product in my possession that might be of interest to others. With that, one thought always echoes in my head during an expedition out to the water....Gosh I love this stove! I am referring to my MSR PocketRocket Stove (found between $30 to $40). A hungry kayaker's delight. It's been in my drybag during every trip for the past 2 years now. This tiny inferno of fire packs a serious punch! It's very small yet expands to a perfect stove in seconds while simply screwing it onto a standard Butane/Propane mixed canister. Boils water faster than you can prepare a cup, tea-bag, spoon, and honey. Tea is not by far what I use this stove for. It's primary function is to cook up my favorite mussels, clams, and shrimp meals while enjoying a serene relaxing break on a desolate beach with friends. In just minutes, mussels are perfectly tender with a simple white wine, oil, parsley, garlic sauce. I know there are some higher priced contenders out there in the market leading the backpacking stove industry... Read More